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SwimSafer is a water safety programme in Singapore introduced by the National Water Safety Council. It’s a progressive award system where a certificate is given for accomplishing each stage during your swimming lessons in Singapore.


Our competitive swim training is open to swimmers who desire to take their swimming skills to the next level. An initial assessment will be conducted by our Head Coach at the pool.

SwimSafer Theory

Our Story

Fun Splash is one of the best swim schools in Singapore that provide effective and quality swimming lessons to all children and adults in Singapore. We are a group of dedicated and passionate swimming coaches in Singapore who truly believe that learning to swim can be fun and rewarding for everyone.

With over 10 years of teaching experience individually, Fun Splash Swim School was started to equip your child with efficient swim techniques while being in a fun and safe environment. At Fun Splash, we are both goal-driven and technique oriented and our swimming lessons in Singapore are developed to suit children of different ages or learning capabilities.

Children are taught in small and dedicated groups and have the ability to move up to progressively higher stages as they become more proficient in swimming. Give your child the opportunity to reach their fullest potential in the water through our top-in-class swimming lessons for kids.

Why Choose Us?

Proven Effective Teaching Methods

Over the last 10 years, we have built a strong training philosophy about how children best develop the skills required to become resilient, efficient swimmers.

Our swimming lessons for kids in Singapore are designed to deliver real results and thus far, we have made a positive impact on over 10,000 swimmers.

Fun & Encouraging Coaches

We believe that coaches play a vital role in our students’ ability to learn swimming. Since our beginnings, Fun Splash Swim School developed friendly and devoted swimming coaches who love working with children and are passionate about imparting skills required for children to be water-safe.

Together, Fun Splash Swim School has notably one of the most experienced coaches in Singapore’s swimming industry and our coaches are well-qualified to provide swimming lessons in Singapore.

Group and Private Classes Available

Research has shown that children enjoy and learn faster in a group setting. However, we do provide Private Coaching sessions (Either 1-to-1 or 1-to-3) for students who require more attention.


Why Learn Swimming?

Learning to swim is a major phase in every child’s life. Unfortunately, some parents are unable to recognize the many benefits that are associated with swimming. So, why should your child learn swimming and grow to become a skillful swimmer as an adult? Here are our top 3 whys.


Swimming lessons provide a full-body cardio workout to your child. This low-impact sport keeps your child’s heart and lungs in tip-top condition, builds flexibility and strength, improves stamina and develop balance, coordination and fine motor skills.

Water Safety

Swimming is a life skill as it prevents the incidence of drowning to a great extent. While there are no 100% drown-proof measures, a child who knows how to swim from young forms deep-rooted swimming capabilities which lead to better water awareness.

Life Values

Swimming provides your child with challenges which not only improve their swimming skills, but also build their self-confidence and resiliency. As they learn new strokes and get better, they experience the rewards of effort and will power.

What Are Parents Saying

“Very good. Best experience ever! Kids will all have fun and coaches are very nice. I rate this five stars. All the coaches are nice and encouraging. My kids are always very happy after the lessons! The head coach is very nice. After every lesson my kids look forward to the next one. 👍 👍 👍 👍”

Charlene Chew

“A team of committed and professional coaches. Kids enjoy themselves and great learning.”

Chee Koon Toh

“I’m glad my child was trained there as coaches are all so experience and caring.”

Ann Ooi

“My children started swimming lessons in Fun Splash at the age of 5 years old. Coaches are very friendly and patient with kids. Highly recommended if you are considering a swim school for your little ones.”

Rachel Kou

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