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About Us

Our Beginnings

Fun Splash Swim School is mentored by Coach Adrian who is a registered Master swimming coach (NROC level 3) with the National Registry of Coaches. He is a graduate in sports coaching which consists of applied sports science, coaching pedagogy, sports development, sports team management & professional practice in coaching.

From the year 2013 to 2018, Fun Splash Swim School is awarded the main pool operator at Senja Cashew CC pool to conduct the Swimsafer program which is recognized by the Ministry of Education, for all Children and Adults in Singapore.

Fun Splash Swim School

Our Aim

Make all children and adults aware of the many valuable benefits of swimming. Get all to learn in a safe, skillful and enjoyable way. And ultimately, maintain swimming as part of an active lifestyle.

Our Vision

Promoting swimming lessons to communities, childcare, and schools. Constantly seeking for the latest and effective Aquatic coaching methods. Build on the interaction between all levels for coaches.

Swimming Lessons with Fun Splash

Fun Splash swim school runs group classes every weekend and provide private lessons for children who have short attention spans or special needs. Children enjoy and learn faster in a group setting. According to motor development research, children absorb fast from 4 years old and above.

Starting children below age 4 is mainly building water confidence and water play. Fun Splash swim school offers free water play once a month to provide guided water discovery sessions for young toddlers. Till date, Fun Splash swim school has trained more than 10,000 swimmers and counting. We have set up and provided a clear pathway for every student to succeed from the first day they sign up.

Through our program, some swimmers have been offered by Singapore Sports school a place in the school and a few have used competitive swimming to gain an advantage in school admission. Therefore, like all other parents who want to provide the best for their children, do make the right choice and sign up your child with us today.

Why Choose Us?

Effective Training Programme

We believe that the best way for a child to adapt in a foreign environment (i.e. Water), is for him/her to be independent in the water. Fun Splash Swim School adopts a holistic teaching approach to develop our swimmers from Day one.

Through a variety of drills, your child will be able to build on their coordination, balancing and fine/gross motor skills (both on land and in water) which will translate into better proficiency in the water. Our unique training methods have been proven effective with over 10,000 strong swimmers (and counting) developed.

Fun & Qualified Coaches

Fun is of utmost importance during the learning process of young children. Through playing, Children are able to develop the skills needed in the aquatic environment in a faster way while maintaining a high level of motivation for the sport.

Our coaches in Fun Splash Swim School integrate the element of Fun in the swim classes with a structured training programme to ensure that every student learns the foundation of swimming and water safety. Our dedicated and experienced coaches will maximise your child’s fullest potential in the water.

Both Group & Private Classes Available

At Fun Splash, there are both Group and Private swimming classes available for everyone. The classes have their own benefits depending on your child’s needs.

Group swimming classes provide your child the opportunity to build their social skills with other swimmers within the class while in Private classes, your child receives full focus from our dedicated coach which potentially leads to a faster learning process.

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